Field Trip to Chiminike!

For the 9th year in a row, on Friday, July 12, our students had the opportunity to take a school-wide field trip to Tegucigalpa’s children’s museum, Chiminike. Chiminike that is located right here in Tegucigalpa. Since Jubilee is a n0n-profit school, our students were able to receive scholarships from the museum that allowed them all to visit Chiminike for free! Chiminike is full of fun things for the students to do, incorporating fun learning aspects in with it! One room allows you to travel through the digestive system, starting from the mouth all the way to the intestines. There is even a life size operation game! As you make your way into the water room that can turn anyone back into a kid for a minute, you are welcomed with a big water table. You can even find yourself trapped inside of a bubble! Our students then had the chance to learn about different types of energy, how much energy we use on this earth, and then had the opportunity to lay on a bed of nails! After taking the hike upstairs, the students were able to act and experience different types of careers as police, bank tellers, and even TV and radio show hosts! We are thankful to have a museum here in the city that allows our kids to have learn while playing! We are also thankful that our West Michigan group was able to accompany us while at the museum!

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